Ad Of The Month April

Interactive Ad of the Month Award : April



Dragon Mania Legends

Studio: Gameloft

Who doesn’t want their own pet dragon?

In Dragon Mania Legends, you can hatch dragons from their eggs. And these are not just any dragons. The eye-popping visuals provide customized eggs and dragon characters bursting with emotion and unique characteristics.

Here’s how Gameloft and CrossInstall have created dragon mania:

These cartoonish dragons are not just any dragons, but baby dragons. They all are clearly different species with varying designs of the eggs and actual animals. These dragons have lots of emotion as they laugh and look cute and cuddly. You can actually see the eggs crack with the  minutia of detail. The focus is centered around the dragons flying in the sky complimented by a simplistic background.

Make It Addicting
The simplicity of this simulation game playable is what makes it addicting. It’s clear how users should interact by tapping to hatch eggs. The tutorial conveys what game is about instantly. And success is clearly marked. Users can see their point total rise on right hand side with a goal number of 10 to track progress. And users agree. With thousands of topics on the online forum to discuss different aspects of gameplay, it is nothing short of dragon delight.

Breed and grow your own dragons. With “Play Now!” as the CTA, we guarantee you once you start playing, you won’t want the fun to end.  

It’s clear why this game has been called addictive. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!

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