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Light up the holidays! If you are decorating for the holidays, this Philips Hue playable is for you. Explore the different hues of Philips Hue in less than 30 seconds! Play the December 2017 Ad of the Month. 


Interactive Ad of the Month Award : December



Light Up the Holidays!

Brand: Philips Hue

Light up the holidays! If you are decorating for the holidays, this Philips Hue playable is for you. With the ability to customize the lighting in a variety of rooms, you can showcase that cheery, festive, and fun feel in seconds. The ad is as intuitive as the product. Get started on your feel good holiday mood — or should we say, hue.

The highlights include:

Great Use of Color:
With so many hues, this ad has the potential to be overwhelming in an ability to showcase them all. In fact, it ends up displaying the range of colors in a way that is pronounced without being overwhelming. Users can play with one of two color wheels. One is a full spectrum color wheel (all the colors of the rainbow) and the other is white ambiance. Tapping on the full spectrum color wheel offers almost infinite color options. And the white ambiance wheel lets users change from hues of energizing daylight to warm relaxing light. Users can see the shades of the product and use cases — an energizing green to wake you up — almost instantly.

Represents Reality:
The ad is very intuitive with two main interactions. It shows the brand’s offerings in unique way that reflects how the product works. Within a few seconds of looking at the ad, users know exactly how to interact. Tapping and swiping on the ad allows users to feel just as immersed in the product’s color effects — almost like they are in the room. Users can even slide between different rooms for a different look, feel, and ambiance. It’s not just the ad that is intuitive and simple. The product is just as easy to use. Philips Hue wireless light bulbs allow you to easily change colors for a feel good holiday.

Play All Day:
With all the different colors, it’s almost addictive. Users can easily play all day. And with almost infinite color offerings and different rooms, they can mix and match. When users slide from a warm red to an energizing green, they easily understand the feel for the different settings or events for which they want to use those colors. Ultimately, users see a “Buy Now” or “Learn More” CTA which directs them to tailored landing pages. Who wouldn’t want to learn more?

If you are decorating for the holidays, you can use red, green, or blue to light up the room in a decorative manner.

Explore the different hues of Philips Hue!

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