Ad Of The Month June

Play this musically magical game to experience the island vibes as summer approaches. Drop a monster beat playing June's award-winning ad.


Interactive Ad of the Month Award : June



My Singing Monsters

Studio: Big Blue Bubble

Drop a beat, island vibes for summer.

Sound Contributes to the Narrative

  • Singing monsters
  • Harmonizing as ad on monsters
  • Song is very catchy, fascinating and fun to listen to
  • Use head for drums
  • Tribal as if in the jungle

Vivid Details

  • Very realistic landscape...jungle, sit on floating head of a monster that is an island
  • Crew of monsters → great animation of monsters
  • Monster names (Fwog, Noggin, Toejammer, Furcorn, Mammot)
  • CTA → Continue your adventure on your phone
  • Distinct Personalities
  • Island full of singing monsters

Story → rogue group of singing monsters living on an island, feathery orchestra and serenade you

Fun fact: Use motion capture to make monsters (yes, real humans singing and making motions)

Collect them, breed them, listen to them sing

Drop a beat 

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