Ad Of The Month November

Can you take the heat in Chef Ramsay's kitchen? Before you cook that turkey, take a peek at November's award-worthy ad to see if you can beat the clock. Play the November 2017 Ad of the Month.


Interactive Ad of the Month Award : November



Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Studio: Glu

Thanksgiving is upon us and as much as we love spending time with family, we also look forward to preparing and feasting on the creamy mashed potatoes, hearty turkey, and our Auntie Joan’s famous pumpkin pie. That’s why fans love Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay - a game that lets them see if they can take the heat as a cook in the famous chef’s kitchen.

Whether you are spending Thanksgiving at home or going out to a restaurant, anyone will enjoy this fast and fun game.

The highlights that make it stand out include:

Features A Celebrity Chef - A Take On Pop Culture
The likeness of Chef Ramsay is uncanny. You can even see the slightly weathered lines in his forehead from one too many shoddily-made risottos. After watching one of his many television appearances, we all at one point or another have wondered what it is like to be in Ramsay’s kitchen and feel his wrath. The inclusion of a chef with celebrity status adds excitement to this simulation. This game attracts users who dream of being on one of the cooking shows of this famously snarky chef.

Ease Of Use
The ad is very clear. The user knows right away that the goal is to serve customers the correct dishes. The colors are bright and engaging and the background doesn’t detract from or clutter the game and main characters. It is a clean and simple design. You can even see, because of the impeccable design, that the food being prepared is salmon, steak, and shrimp.

Time Crunch Element
This ad has the excitement factor and adrenaline rush from the time crunch. If you don’t serve the customers, their faces change to expressions of anger. We can all relate to the feeling of being hangry (hungry + angry) at a restaurant when waiting too long for our food. The details of this game include hand gestures from Ramsay when the user is taking too long to prepare the food. The aspect of time adds another realistic layer making it addictive to beat the clock.

See if you can take the heat in Chef Ramsay’s kitchen - start cooking!

Check back before the December holidays for the next interactive ad reveal!