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Influencer Panel — Mobile Superstars Sound Off


Meet our Mobile Influencers! They'll sound off with their thoughts on hot mobile advertising topics and provide actionable insights you can use to shape your UA efforts. It will be a one stop shop for quick, actionable advice. Read on for our inaugural question!

Users are traffic and revenue, but it is important to humanize users because...

Patrick says

"Users with a good experience with your product will be return users and return revenue. On demand delivery is a very competitive market and gaining return service is a necessity."

Nebo says

"Users are so much more than numbers. I heard once that the best marketing strategy is care, and I agree with that. If you delight your users with your products and support, they will reward you with their time and money, and they'll be the best brand advocates you'll ever have. Thus, always choose to go the extra mile for your customers -- imagine what you expect from people you like and try to provide the same to your customers."

Chris says

"Users are traffic and revenue, but it is important to humanize users because at the end of the day they're people that are choosing to engage with your team's efforts. There's more apps than there is time for a person to use, and it does mean something that they choose to spend their time with you rather than anything else in the world. And if we're going to talk to the business side of things, if "users" become "players" in your team's mind, it's easy to imagine them engaging with new features and then design with intent. Meaning, more retention and chance to generate revenue."

Brad says

"I think the question is backwards from the get-go. Our 'users' are players, and ultimately we're in the gaming business because we believe fun comes first. All of our team members at Pocket Gems are gamers, so we like to build things that we ourselves would play. If we build something truly awesome and fun, the revenue will follow. Too often, players are de-humanized by the industry, with terms like 'whales' (and worse, 'minnows') being all too prevalent in marketing. The language you use internally matters, because it dictates how you think about players and perpetuates an unconscious bias.

Real people are using your app, making decisions, and deciding whether or not to give you their money. We can categorize individuals as personas or batch them together in similarly-behaving segments or cohorts, but players often deviate from these models. It's important to not rely on quantitative analysis alone to propel our game forward. Conversations with actual players, qualitative feedback from features you ship, a strong community sharing ideas on how to make your game great, and even reactions to ads can help figure out how to iterate and ultimately impact your bottom line.

From creative optimization to app store optimization, from early-player experience to checkout pages, it's important to look beyond the numbers, and evaluate how particular visual elements, themes, content, and flows resonate with players and potential players. Human insight is still needed to interpret data and iterate, to answer the question 'why'? Why would this button placement yield a higher conversion rate? Why would these landing page images yield a higher install rate? Why are people so engaged with this event?

Ads are becoming increasingly dynamic and tailored to individuals. The more granularly you can successfully (with statistical significance) target and curate your ads, the more impactful they can become. You want to seamlessly integrate with a user's experience, not disrupt it. New ad formats (e.g. MRAID/playables) and tools give us more power than ever before, and increasing transparency in the industry and the shift towards programmatic buying gives us more robust targeting abilities. Personalization and targeting technologies once only available on desktop are slowly making their way into mobile as well."

Learn more about our influencers:

Meet Patrick Patrick Witham is currently Director of User Acquisition at Postmates, a delivery platform that operates in 40+ cities in the US. He leads online and offline strategy for acquiring new customers as well as day to day operation of the UA team. Before adding his mobile advertising expertise to Postmates, he was Director of UA at Product Madness, a leading social casino company with top grossing games. He grew up in Oregon and graduated from Santa Clara University.

Meet Nebo — Nebojsa Radovic (Nebo, for short) is an experienced mobile marketing leader in the entertainment and technology industries. He is currently the Director of Performance Marketing at N3TWORK INC, helping create a new type of games, media, and technology. Previously he held roles such as Senior Media Buying Analyst at Machine Zone and Marketing Manager at Nordeus. He specializes in paid user acquisition using programmatic buying solutions and help developers bring their products to millions of users. Nebojsa holds a Master of International Marketing degree from Hult International Business school in San Francisco, as well as a Bachelor of Computer Science from Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia.

Meet Chris — Chris Koziak is currently Director of Marketing at LBC Studios where he brings his extensive adtech expertise about digital product marketing and monetization. Prior to his time at LBC Studios, Chris also worked on the teams at A Thinking Ape, Hothead Games, and Electronic Arts. Chris is a true app aficionado as he also produced a free to play game for iOS. His other specialties include microtransactions, digital distribution, business development, and emerging markets.

Meet Brad — Brad Puder is currently the Performance Marketing guru at Pocket Gems and helps grow the user base for their world-class games and interactive entertainment. Brad is passionate about leveraging data and technology to solve big problems. Before joining Pocket Gems, he spent time at Roniin and Rocket Lawyer. He hold a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Linguistics from Northwestern University.


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