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New Product: Opportunity Forecast Tool Gives Mobile Marketers More Insight Into Ad Spend


Achieving Spend Transparency, Empowered Forecasting, and Increased Conversions

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We are excited to unveil our Opportunity Forecast Tool (OFT). This first-of-its-kind solution enables advertisers to instantly see where adjusting their CPI (cost-per-install) by small amounts will lead to large scale increases in conversions on an overall campaign level, geographic level, or publisher level. The tool surfaces promising rate adjustments, some at a very granular level, that are computed directly from the advertiser's data.

Using real-time data, the Opportunity Forecast Tool predicts the volume impact of incremental increases and decreases to CPI. The tool provides recommendations and opportunities where increasing the bid by a small amount on a given feature is predicted to result in substantially more conversions.

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Traditionally, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) don’t offer this extensive level of control to advertisers. This is the first tool that forecasts using such an extensive level of granularity and accuracy. For example, for one client, the Opportunity Forecast Tool provided guidance that a 10% increase in their CPI ($0.80 to $0.88) on a meaningful publisher would lead to 121% more installs. The projected increase of 190 installs over two days yielded an actual number of 188 installs over two days.

Our CEO, Jeff Marshall, was inspired by client feedback to design and program this tool. “We want our advertisers to be able to scale their campaigns in a surgical, high-impact way while making just small price changes,” he said.

The Opportunity Forecast Tool puts advertisers in control of their money and empowers their forecasting in 2018, with a constant pulse on their campaigns’ status. While return on investment is the ultimate goal, this tool provides advertisers a new level of visibility and involvement each step of the way. If you are interested in learning more about how to achieve the ideal balance between scale and quality, reach out to us.