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Tales of Adventure


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Has advertising become dated? Have people become jaded? In today’s evolved advertising economy, it’s necessary to bring your company’s ads back to life to engage the user. The old school static ad is no longer acceptable or fun. Follow the tale of a public transit rider who interacts with a company’s ad that succeeds in captivating the user so much that he is transported to another world. And learn what your company can do to create ads so engaging and so compelling that they transport users to another dimension and, in turn, help to exceed KPIs and goals. This relies on choosing the right platforms and knowledge of how to create a good user experience.

Your Ads Can’t be Dated

Platform discussion is a hot topic in today’s ad ecosystem. While advertising itself is an old school business, the number of platforms on which ads can run - especially interactive ads - is growing exponentially. Recently, Facebook began offering the ability to run playables on the News Feed. This is a huge step, yet only the tip of the iceberg for a realm of possibilities. There is constant experimentation by different platforms, like Facebook, and others as the added value is clear. But, first it’s critical to find the key watering hole (or platforms) on which your company’s users are spending time in order to reach them. Ads don’t need to be on every single platform just to conform with the latest trends. You only need your ad to be on every platform that suits your users’ tastes. If a platform can’t meet your expectations, you need to cut the fat to optimally allocate your budget.

Fix User Experience

We’re always hearing about user experience (UX) in software and the cloud, but UX still applies to ad tech in a different way. Ads should be an experience - simply that. Interacting with ads, in the new ad tech ecosystem, needs to be a pleasurable experience. There is no better way to achieve a user experience than to create ads that are so provocative, so compelling, and so engaging that they transport everyday users to another world. Nowadays, experience truly is everything. More than ever, it is imperative for advertisers to captivate audiences with limited attention spans. A time like commuting (if they aren’t driving!) is prime real estate to get your ad in front of bored viewers who are more likely to interact.

Maybe your ads can’t exactly come to life, but they should engage the user and pique interest. However, the right type of experience can transport the user into a different state of mind where he or she is primed to connect with your game or brand. If you are creating and optimizing your ads for your users’ tastes, you will definitely take your audience on an ad-venture.

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