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We're Partnering with Google to Bring Playable Instant Demos to Google Play

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You can find more press about this opportunity in PG.biz and Business of Apps.

Today, we’re announcing our continued partnership with Google to bring our Instant Playables to Google Play. Instant Playables, available for free as a value-added service for our Creatives as a Service (CaaS) clients, allow users to try out apps and games directly on Google Play without a download, via Google Play Instant. Clicking on the ‘Try Now’ button launches a short game demo which encourages users to try out whichever apps pique their interest so they can easily find and sample games they love to play.


Now the same playables that we’ve built for platforms including Facebook, Google UAC, Snap, and other major ad networks will also be available for Google Play Instant. Developers have the opportunity to produce a custom, bite-sized version of their actual game. These demos help users dive right into the action before downloading the full version of the game. The demos also give developers the opportunity to innovate the app discovery process, optimize their apps and games based on user signals, and improve user retention and monetization of their games and apps.

“We're thrilled to partner with CrossInstall by bringing their playables to the Google Play Instant App experience! Google is invested in helping developers promote their apps in ways that ensure high-quality engagement and leveraging playables in the App Store accomplishes just that. CrossInstall offering this as an added free bonus to their Creative as a Service program makes it even more exciting for developers” said Google’s Ben Frenkel.

Our CaaS offering provides a data-driven approach to track every user interaction across all platforms and enables advertisers to make customized changes to the creative based on a robust set of data. With Google Play Instant, we leverage data points across all channels to ensure demos running on the platform are the best version of the demo and generate the best results. Our aim is to provide actionable data and maximum platform reach, unrivaled in the industry.

According to our CEO Jeff Marshall, “Google’s Try Now demo is a standout option for app developers to promote their apps to the end user with a rich interactive playable experience. CrossInstall has worked with hundreds of app developers for years to develop playable ads that deliver unrivaled ROAS, LTV, and KPIs. Now, with our Instant Playables, we are able to leverage our track record as a pioneer in playable technology to help advertisers achieve the same success on the Google App Store.”

Get a piece of the action and try out our playables for yourself!