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Introducing Amorina —CrossInstall’s Intern Superwoman


It’s almost spring break and most college students are ready to kick back and relax on the beaches of Cabo before wrapping up the year with final exams. Next up  — how about post-graduation in the historic city of San Francisco? CrossInstall is ready to welcome a new grad into our Ad Operations Associate role.

We decided to pick the brain of one of our interns, Amorina, whose CrossInstall experience began as a summer Advertising Operations Intern and continued into the school year and a full time hire. Hear more about her impactful contributions, journey, and favorite office snack to learn more about what it is like to join our team.

How did you find out about CrossInstall, and what convinced you to join the team for summer (and continue remotely throughout your school year)?

I was in the midst of applying for internships and during my application process, I decided I wanted a job in mobile tech. I found CrossInstall on my school internship portal and despite not knowing much about the company, I decided to apply and was particularly interested in the Ad Operations role because it required a balance of technical and personable skills. Having worked in an analyst and sales position before, I thought it was a great opportunity to showcase those skills and to learn about an industry I did not know much about. Over the summer, I realized how much I enjoyed the work I was doing and asked management if I could continue throughout the school year so I could continue my growth with CrossInstall. Luckily, they agreed, and here we are! I’m so excited to return to SF, after I graduate, to start my career with such a great company.

What is the most exciting project you are working on?

Right now, Samee [my manager] and I are working with the engineering team to find new ways to scale campaigns and improve efficiency across our dashboard. Seeing improvements from changes we created is always rewarding.

In a few sentences, what do you love most about CrossInstall?

The people at CrossInstall have created such an amazing work atmosphere that it makes me excited to come to work and move projects forward. Everyone has such a great work ethic, and being at a startup has shown me how to quickly adapt new ideas and processes as the company evolves.

Having interned previously at a larger company, what surprised you most about working in a smaller team?

My favorite part about working at a smaller company is the transparency between teams. I feel comfortable approaching anyone in the office with questions or ideas. Every day is different, and that adds to the fun of the job. When there are only so many people in the office, roles quickly adapt to take care of what is needed.

Last, but not least. You’ve been known around the office as a snack aficionado, so we must know, what is your favorite office snack?

You can never go wrong with the Nutella sticks!

Amorina is graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

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