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Influencer Panel — Mobile Superstars Share Advice


Meet our Mobile Influencers! They sound off for the second question in the series: What metrics do you think are the best indication of success in your UA efforts?

Patrick says

"Success for each company will be different and needs to be aligned with your finance team. However, the best metric in my opinion is CPI:LTV as it ensures that you're not buying unprofitably."

Nebo says

"ROI at scale. I am aware this is not just one metric, but the truth is ROI without scale has very little impact on the business and scale without ROI takes you nowhere. This is why we need to think about both and do our best to grow products as aggressively as possible in ROI positive manner."

Chris says

"Depends on the goals of the company. Early growth at game launch - probably DAU growth and top line revenue. Maintenance stage, you'd probably want to switch to ROAS because it essentially combines the core metrics of a product (retention, monetization, DAU growth, etc) and says "given everything else staying the same, are we getting better at what we're doing?"'

Brad says

"ROI and volume are the easy answers. You want to ensure that you're achieving sustainable growth, and both metrics need to be carefully balanced depending on your goals.

How you look at the metrics can be just as impactful as the metrics themselves. On one hand, you want to divide your data into meaningful segments you can analyze and act on. On the other, cherry-picking segments and cohorts together and changing the lookback windows can often paint too granular and/or inconsistent of a picture. Ensure your segments contain users who are meaningfully connected and that you have a statistically significant pool of data to draw from. It's important to distinguish meaningful changes from spurious correlations. And of course, past performance doesn't necessarily imply future results.

The further down the funnel you can optimize towards, the more successful you'll be in terms of ROI. This of course is contingent on you having enough down-funnel data to optimize. Install becomes a less meaningful event than conversion; eCPI becomes less relevant than eCPA. Sophisticated ad buyers and networks are increasingly optimizing towards post-install events to improve ROI and ensure you're bidding on the right traffic."

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