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Our CRO, Anuj, Talks Success In the Mobile Ad Industry


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Read on to learn our CRO, Anuj Kucheria's, his top tips for achieving success in the industry.

Tell us about your role at CrossInstall and how you got here.

As Chief Revenue Officer, I lead our business teams, which include three lines of business -- the DSP Performance Business, Brand Sales, and Creative Partnerships -- and ensure they are operating efficiently. With CrossInstall’s massive expansion in the last two years, it is critical we execute a thorough and diverse revenue generation strategy.

I’ve worked in the mobile advertising space for over nine years and was able to leverage previous industry relationships I had at AdMob, Google, and Chartboost to help expand the advertiser base at CrossInstall.


How do you think young sales professionals should train themselves to master MarTech skills?

The fast-changing nature and number of actors in the ad industry can make it quite complex. However, this challenge attracts a number of intelligent individuals who can mentor young sales professionals. The relationships we develop and our network within the industry are our most valuable assets that we carry throughout our careers, and its imperative that any young sales professional develops a personal brand and reputation.

How often do you measure the performance of your marketing analytics and sales reporting?

Before we even create a campaign, we have measurement in place and define key performance metrics. Tools like Google Analytics and Salesforce provide important steps in accurate tracking to ensure we are continuously pushing our business forward. We are measuring how we are doing daily and tying that into long term quarterly and annual objectives. Our sales team is particularly adept at tracking all of our business development opportunities from prospecting to close to launch to (hopefully) a renewal!

Could you provide us a sneak peek into your MarTech acceleration strategies?

CrossInstall recently launched our Opportunity Forecast Tool (OFT), a first-of-its-kind solution that enables advertisers to instantly see where adjusting their CPI (cost-per-install) by small amounts will lead to large scale increases in conversions on an overall campaign level, geographic level, or publisher level. It provides advertisers with increased spend transparency, empowered forecasting, and increased conversions. As martech changes quickly, we continually update our modeling and technology to adjust accordingly.

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"The fast-changing nature and number of actors in the ad industry can make it quite complex." 

What is that one piece of advice you received that you would like to pass on to the MarTech industry?

Early in my career, a mentor once told me to be good at my current job, but to be great at the job I want to have next. I’ve carried that advice throughout my career and it’s helped me throughout multiple roles and companies.

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