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People Behind the Playable Curtain: Olga Kryndina, Creative Program Manager


Meet our next CrossInstall superstar behind the playable curtain: Olga Kryndina, Creative Program Manager. From Russia, to New York, to San Francisco, Olga has practically traveled the globe picking up project management tips and tricks along the way. Meet Olga and learn why empathy is a must-have tenet for success anywhere you go!

You moved to San Francisco from New York to join CrossInstall. Tell us what about CrossInstall and the role inspired you to move across the country?

When I came to visit, I loved Northern California. I thought, wow, this is an amazing vacation. I want to feel like I am on vacation all the time. New York is a great city, but can feel a bit overwhelming. SF feels like a big city, but is also outdoorsy. It is the best of both worlds.

View of the beautiful city of San Francisco from our office

View of the beautiful city of San Francisco from our office

I wanted to join a small company where there is no place to hide and where you can truly make a difference. The most inspiring part of CrossInstall is that the company is growing quickly and on the cusp of innovation - playable ads are fun, fast, and have a stickiness factor that makes the growth unbounding.

What’s the biggest challenge and triumph for you of being a program manager?

Building bridges - Managing the many moving pieces can be challenging as is building bridges between different teams. Managing a project requires delegation, and I always try to ensure everything comes together simultaneously. I keep all the teams busy and track our progress to ensure we are moving toward our goal. We have a great team of project managers and accomplishing our goals is the biggest triumph and surmounting challenges makes it all the more rewarding.

When a project is “stuck,” what are your tactics for continuing to move it through?

It depends on the reason it is stuck. For example, if it is a client approval that requires time, I just need to be patient and also try to brainstorm ways to offer support. If it is an internal obstacle due to technical limitations, we find workarounds - this is actually exciting and ensures variety in my day-to-day activities.

What is your top tip for project management?

Have empathy toward teams who may have different priorities. Don’t take sides.


"Ads could be fun, inspiring, engaging, and non-intrusive."

You have a pretty diverse career background location and position-wise, having worked in Moscow and also in both more and less client-facing roles. What is one workplace tip that you have found useful throughout your experience?

Corporate culture may differ per country and even state, but it is always useful to be direct and communicate clearly. And always smile :)

How has seeing how mobile ads are made and being responsible for their creation changed your thoughts on the ad industry?

It convinced me more that ads could be fun, inspiring, engaging, and non-intrusive.

One word to describe the ad industry?


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