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[Think Outside the Box] - Introducing Our Ops Manager, Samee


An office and company culture is shaped and defined not by how large the office is or how swanky the snacks are, but rather by the individuals that compose each team and day-to-day interactions. Besides the 360 office views that provides beautiful glimpses of The Golden Gate and consistent sunshine at CrossInstall, we also have an internal ray of sunshine - Operations Manager, Samee Siddiqui.

“If you're looking for a ray of sunshine in ANY circumstance, Samee is it. My favorite optimist, with a smile on his face always.” - Angella, People Ops Manager

"Samee is the most positive person in the entire office! He is an excellent manager and is always looking for ways to improve processes and workflow in operations." - Amorina, Ad Operations Associate

“Samee is the best! He always has a smile on his face, no matter what. I’m happy to have him as a colleague and a friend!” - Annie, Account Manager

Without further ado, our office optimist with his tips on positive communication, juggling management responsibilities, and life in the CrossInstall smorgasbord. Meet Samee!

Operations is a role that can be very by the book and data-driven, but around the office you’ve been called one of the most genuine and personable individuals by coworkers. How do you remain optimistic, calm, and genuine when completing your work and communicating with others?

That’s very kind of other people to say. I believe everything has a solution! If today is not the day to solve an issue, there is always tomorrow and there is always a workaround. I know that I’m not alone at CrossInstall, and I have a lot of resources at work. The coworkers who have become my friends over the past two years support me when issues arise. This belief helps me remain calm and optimistic and makes me who I am.

You just recently became a manager. On that note, how do you set and achieve goals in your personal and professional life?

I am very happy about becoming a manager. This promotion helped me realize that I’ve contributed significantly to the company and that a positive attitude can help anyone move in the direction to become a leader. Since the beginning of my professional career, whether retail or corporate, I’ve had a number of managers. I observed and learned their best management practices to compile my own list. I remained aware of my short term goals in order to achieve my long term objective of building an Ad-Ops team at CrossInstall. I have the same mentality regarding my personal life goals.

What tools are you using to further your management skills? So far, do you have any tips or tricks for new managers?

At the moment, I’m learning from my superiors. This fall I’m planning to further educate myself with a few online courses to ensure I excel in my role! Tips and tricks for new managers - be with your team and work with them, be friends with them. We are all one team, and we all need to work towards one dream. Treat people like you want to be treated. Everyone starts their career in an entry level role, and managers should give their direct reports the same respect that they hope to receive in return.


"I'm learning from my superiors."

What makes you feel passionate about your work at CrossInstall?

My work here and what I do makes me feel passionate. Ad Operations is the best department to work in and the best place to start in a company to learn the basics. The role consists of regular interactions with all teams which is great because you get to work with everyone and know the different sides of the business. One day it’s helping out the engineering team and the next day it’s working with the creatives team on ideas or testing ads. I also work with the account managers to optimize campaigns and budgets. Each day is different. This ensures I learn and progress.

One sentence to describe your day-to-day life at CrossInstall.

Each day is eventful and filled with opportunity - it’s a smorgasbord.

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