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3 Trending Misconceptions In Ad Tech

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It’s time for a friendly game of ad tech true or false. Trending topics - DIY playable ads, measurement, and user privacy. Are you up for the challenge?

Advertisers Can DIY Playable Ads

Sometimes, you need a little help! With the growth of new platforms, almost all processes have become more complex. Individual networks and platforms have unique requirements which impact creative builds, ad optimization, and reporting and analysis. The make-your-own assets that re-create a game in ad form don’t offer the best experience for your users. In order to reach peak ad ROI, a managed performance optimization process can be immensely helpful. You don’t want to waste hours of effort to test ad variations (let’s be real, no one has time for that!). That’s why automated help to dynamically test ad variations is just as important as the actual creative. You want your ad to be an accurate and aesthetically appealing version of your game or brand, drive new users, and function on each platform. In most cases, playables created in-house are a better solution for advertisers than DIY ads to achieve these three goals.

Measurement Should Vary Per Platform

While new platforms invite unique variations in creative builds and reporting, this does not mean your measurement tactics need to change per platform. For an expert understanding of how to grow and accurately measure your audience, you first need to know who that audience is, what makes them tick, and what will compel them to interact. Experiment to learn which platforms are well suited for your users. However, if a platform consistently can’t meet your expectations, you need to cut the fat and allocate your budget accordingly. You don’t need to be on every platform just because it is touted as the latest and greatest. Utilize those that best serve your audience. If your campaigns, in general, are not meeting your KPI goals, it could be that the way you are measuring success is inaccurate. Remember, glass half full vs. half empty? This applies to the principle of measurement.

Large companies like Google and Facebook have moved toward more event-based and user value-based bidding. CPI is now just a starting point and irrelevant in many cases. Measurement tactics per platform should be similar. The brunt of your ongoing analysis centers on whether or not each platform is helping you achieve your goals and if you need to revise your KPIs. According to CrossInstall’s Director of Performance Sales, Victor Perez, “Advertisers measure success the same way, irrespective of the nuances of each channel. It’s up to each platform to fit their algorithms into the advertiser’s frame of reference. Marketers are becoming more sophisticated at knowing what they want and understanding what the signals are that lead to success.”

User Privacy is Still Non-Existent

False. More companies are taking action to protect user privacy, while balancing the monetization process. While combatting ad fraud is still stuck in the stage of “talk,” user privacy protection has actionable steps, whether it is to comply with legal regulations or go above and beyond to satisfy clients and users. With more platforms for user acquisition, the ecosystem has become more user-centric as it relies on far reaching audiences for success. Companies (and you) need to be a lot more cognizant of user satisfaction, which in the long run will lead to better post-install quality. While the billion dollar fraud problem may in a state of stagnation, user privacy mechanisms are in full force. Companies are able to strike a balance between respecting user privacy while still meeting their KPIs and goals.

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