Snapchat Chooses CrossInstall

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Facebook + CrossInstall Partner for Playables!


We have exciting news to announce! You can now use CrossInstall playables on the Facebook News Feed.

Facebook just launched playable ads as the newest format on the News Feed. CrossInstall has been working closely with the FB team for the past year to make this a reality, and we are happy to announce that we're an official Facebook Marketing Partner, specializing in interactive and playable ads.

As a pioneer in interactive ads, we’ve custom-built and optimized thousands of playables to deliver immersive, engaging user experiences. Now we have the opportunity to bring these ad units to Facebook. We offer in-house design, development, and quality assurance across all of today’s top ad platforms and social networks to ensure you're delivering a positive ad experience on each impression.

We want to be your playable partner! Check out Facebook's client success story with Glu featuring CrossInstall to see how you can take advantage of this new ad format for increased ROAS. 

Want more info? Reach out to us or check out our Creatives as a Service (CaaS) program!