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Why Hiring a Gamer is the Best Quality Assurance

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Hear from Dalton, Quality Assurance at CrossInstall about his interesting story of securing his job and how he came to do something he loves every day (play games). Without further ado, meet Dalton.

CI: We heard that you have an interesting story about how you came to join CrossInstall. Would you mind sharing?

Dalton: Oh yeah! It was definitely a unique encounter that led to me join CrossInstall. I was actually recommended for the QA role by our Senior Analyst here at CrossInstall. I had previously lived with him and was (and still am) dating his sister. From the time of him sharing the listing, I had my resume in my future manager’s hands in a matter of hours.

CI: By now, almost everyone in the office knows you have quite an interest in gaming. How does this have an effect on your role and how you do your job?

Gaming has definitely influenced many of the ways that I’ve helped define what QA is for CrossInstall. Our playables are essentially demos of apps that a user will see. I treat each one of the playables as a game that will have some inherent bugs, exploits, and unexpected user interactions. Treating our playables as games rather than ads helps us catch issues that our competitors don’t.

CI: What’s your best advice for someone who is considering a QA role?


  • Try and be understanding with your team (or the person you are doing QA for).

  • Be as unbiased as possible to pinpoint exact causes for an issue

  • Bugs/Errors have a near infinite way of appearing. You job is to catch, identify, and reproduce as many as reasonably expected. If more appear, focus on identifying and reproducing to fix them as soon as possible.

CI: Why is the QA process so imperative in ad tech and for playable ads?

Dalton: As I mentioned before, QA catches and helps prevent the large majority of bugs and problems with a playable ad. Since playables are akin to the demo-discs of earlier times, they need to be a superior experience when somebody encounters one. CrossInstall ensures that when a user sees one of our playables, his or her experience is fun and of the utmost quality.

CI: What is something about the QA process that would surprise most people?

Dalton: Definitely the work required to ensure that a playable can be seen on a wide arrange of devices and apps. Every platform that distributes ads has its own unique requirements for how a playable needs to be coded, loaded, and distributed. CrossInstall delivers playables that adhere to all of these different requirements, all while maintaining superb quality and an enjoyable experience.

CI: You’ve seen a lot of games in your time here. What patterns have you seen for games that
have great success whether in the creative, optimization or other aspects?

Dalton: The patterns for success of a playable (creative) are almost always attributed to CrossInstall’s dynamic parameter system. Each playable experience utilizes these dynamic parameters to create a vast array of different versions of a playable. By analyzing the performance of these parameters, we’re able to identify the successful portions of a playable and refine the experience accordingly. The more optimizations, the more successful the playable will be.

CI: What does it take for a game to create a loyal fanbase?

Dalton: What keeps users playing long-term is active and meaningful support from the developers. These should add engaging content to a game without forcing a user to “pay-to-win” (spending real money for an in-game advantage that would otherwise be inaccessible). At the same time, if the updates are massive but only occur once or twice a year, that’s a large gap in time. By updating in a timely manner, developers keep their users returning to see what’s new and prevents them from jumping ship to the next new fad.

CI: And, for the final question. CrossInstall in one word.

Dalton: Quality.

Everyone here at CrossInstall is driven by what we do, and it shows in the quality of our work. We’re not just individuals showing up to get a paycheck. We all come together to create and share incredible playable ads with the world.

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