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Me2Zen’s Sisi Ji Shares the Secrets to Understanding Your Audience

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ME2ZEN’s Marketing Manager, Sisi Ji, shares her secrets to understanding your audience in our latest interview. See why keeping up with not only the rapid industry change, but also what is in the minds of your customers and competitors is critical to success.

What is your best quote to define HOW you achieved your success? (If it’s something catchy that helps tell your story, even better). This could include a series of events, decisions, people, etc.

Sisi: Actually, I think I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to join ME2ZEN. I met a lot of cool people here and learned a lot from my boss and my industry partners. I also attended several helpful workshops and events where the speakers shared their own views of this industry. All the helpful people and events blew my mind and helped me grow faster.

Let’s cover UA with something that packs a punch! Give us your top three UA tips:


1. Keep up with the changes and keep trying new things

Because this industry is dynamic, keeping up with the changes is critical to success. Besides, you have to try new things if you want to grow — experience is the best teacher.

 2. Understand your audience

You need to get to know what kind of users you are targeting, what games they like or even what they want to see in your ads. Listen to their feedback.

 3. Attractive Ads

Advertisements are also a very important part of user acquisition. Create a brainstorming group, and let everyone share their own ideas. It’s also a great chance to communicate and exchange thoughts with others. 

What was your greatest challenge in choosing your UA initiatives? 

Sisi: I think a challenge is something that can help you be stronger and grow faster. We are working in such a data-driven industry, and it’s very important for us to go in the right directions and find more high-value users for our games. Based on all these, making the right decisions is really important. Every small step we take and every small decision we make may have impacts.


What measurements do you think truly matter?

Sisi: It varies, but in general, we value people who engage in our games regularly and for a long time. The key metrics we use to measure engagement include LTV, retention rate, and time spent in-app.

What risks did you take in your efforts to attract users?

Sisi: Honestly, we’ve been relatively conservative, and I think sometimes maybe taking risks is not a good thing but we are still encouraged to try new approaches. I would say testing different ideas and trendy formats of ads can be a bit risky because you don’t know if your users will accept, like or understand them.

What is your one best piece of advice about creating a game players love?

Sisi: Do the research and get to know your audience. Before creating a new game, you need to know what game players you want to attract. Make a questionnaire in advance, and listen to their feedback. Consider the user’s point of view.

Play similar games and your own game yourself. It is helpful for improving the product and having more ideas. Don’t forget that you are a game player yourself.

As slots games evolve with new types of gameplay mechanics, anything you would like to share about how you turn your games into a unique experience for your fans?

Sisi: Our core is the users, so listening to the feedback from our users is a crucial part. Talk to them, and treat them like your friends. I believe once you’ve established a good relationship with the users, they would like to tell you more.

Don’t only focus on the trends in online casino gaming apps, but also pay attention to the trends in a real casino.

Play your games and your competitors’ games. Having a better understanding of the products can be very helpful to improve them.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and acquisition secrets) with us, Sisi! 

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