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Considering a change? Our Software Engineer, Will, shares how your skills can apply in a new industry

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Never had adtech on your radar for your next job? You aren’t alone. Meet Will, our most social Software Engineer and lover of vanilla lattes. His interview is a great read for any new grad, someone interested in applying their skillset in a new industry, or any technical professional that wants to level-up their communication skills. 

CI: Why did you decide to join Team CrossInstall (as a highly intelligent new college grad)?

Will: I was looking for my first job after graduating and Arnaud (our Head of Engineering) reached out to me on a hiring platform. I had never considered working in adtech, but I really liked everyone I interviewed with and each person on our small team was personable. Everyone on my team has been great to work with so I definitely got the right impression. 

CI: Can you share a little more about how you get to work and your unique schedule? 

Will: I personally enjoy arriving early (i.e. before 8 AM) and leaving a little earlier as opposed to a later work schedule. It’s nice that there are a few others that also like getting into the office early and working in a quiet, focused environment. 

CI: What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your role?

Will: Something I find personally challenging is that I want to maintain a high bar for my quality of work, but sometimes the time constraints require a balance between doing everything to my own level of perfection and getting things done in a timely manner. 

What I find rewarding is being able to use my high attention to detail to help to improve our system and solve problems. 

CI: What attracted you to being a software engineer?

Will: I like understanding how things work. My role gives me good insight into the fine details of how things work and the opportunity to create new features.

CI: You are known as one of the most social software engineers at CrossInstall (someone should give you a crown)! What tips would you offer for engineers whose daily roles require communication with more forefacing departments, like account management and sales?

Will: I like to talk to people about non-work related topics and relate on a more personal level. I just talk to people a lot so when I need to talk about technical things, it already feels more casual. 

CI: How do you distill complex information into laypersons’ terms (for example, explaining some product info that is very technically dense)? 

Will: When I am trying to understand new concepts or aspects of our system, I want to ensure I have a high-level of understanding before going into the details. Once I understand the inner workings, it makes it easier to go back to the high-level overview and explain it simply. 

CI: What is your favorite snack when you need brain power?

Will: Caffeine. I love sweet and milky coffee and vanilla lattes. 

CI: The people at CrossInstall in one sentence. 

Will: My team is chill and our company is collaborative.

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