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Always on your phone? There’s a job for you!

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If you run into our Head of Business Development, EMEA on one of his trips to our US office, he will regale you with stories of volunteering with orangutans in Borneo, dedicating contracts to clients, and always using his phone. That’s why we wanted to share his stories here, with you! Without further ado, meet the planet-saver, joke teller, and phone king -- Natan.

CI: Share a little about your entrance into ad tech. What piqued your interest about the industry?

Natan: I am always on my phone! When I was younger I had one of the first Windows Mobile Phones - the Motorola MPx200 and used to spend my school lunch hour watching TV shows on it! That smart phone and and phones with internet throughout my young adult life made me realise how everything is accessible through these devices, and they were the future.

CI: What’s your favorite aspect of working in a client and people facing role?

Natan: The opportunity to meet with and make friends with people from all over the world!

It’s great being able to learn more about other cultures and places and sometimes even visiting them. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to visit clients in unpronounceable cities in Ukraine and Russia and see how different yet similar their cultures are from ours.

CI: What’s been the most exciting part of being on the ground floor, and the founding member, of our EMEA sales team?

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Natan: Everything… but the first that come to mind are: being able to work with some of EMEA’s best and brightest app and game developers and how no two days are ever the same. We have an awesome team of friends in the EMEA office, and that makes for an amazing work environment.

CI: We heard you have some very funny IO (contract) signing stories. Tell us your best one.

Natan: All of the IOs in a previous job had a naming convention, based on the number in the IO. I used this info to tell one client that I needed them to sign, (in person!) an IO for a completely phantom number - and promised them that I would dedicate the IO name to them!

CI: And from more stories, we’ve heard your passion is saving the planet. What’s been your best experience in that regard?

Natan: Being able to volunteer with orangutans in Borneo for 3 weeks and living in the jungle. The amount of animals, insects and fauna was mind blowing! Travelling 30 mins on a boat every day was certainly the most interesting daily commute I have had too!

CI: And, for the final question. The people at CrossInstall in one sentence.

Natan: A fun, eclectic, passionate and hard working team! (I was going to use more commas for a longer sentence but that would be cheating :) )

Thanks Natan for sharing your one of a kind stories with us! To learn more about our dynamic team, read about some of our other featured people.