Case Study: Playgendary

Enjoy customer story featuring Playgendary’s path to success on Google UAC and CrossInstall’s DSP.



Case study : Playgendary

Playgendary Unlocks Their Untapped Potential in Google UAC, Using CrossInstall’s PrePlay Ads



The Challenge

Playgendary, the maker of Bowmasters, a fun physics-based shooter became a sensation in the mobile gaming world in 2017. They had already seen great organic growth and executed a sound marketing plan with video ads, and their game was already beloved by 100+ million players worldwide. As a casual game, it was a natural fit to take their advertising to the next level with playable ad campaigns. After trying a few playable builds with mixed results, they came to CrossInstall to give their campaigns new life through a data-driven approach. As a hyper-casual game, Bowmasters is easy to jump into with minimal tutorial that quickly grabs and retains a user’s attention. Playgendary’s user acquisition team looked to CrossInstall to drive massive scale. 



The Solution

As it increased scale, Bowmasters acquired more players who adored the insane characters and wacky weapon options.

CrossInstall DSP (Demand Side Platform) Campaigns

CrossInstall built new HTML5 playable ads in-house to run through their programmatic bidder. Immediately, Playgendary had the ability to plug into large Supply Side Platforms. Through CrossInstall’s proprietary creative tracking dashboard, they were able to monitor how users interacted with the playable compared to internal benchmarks.

Interaction Rates

Interaction rates are a first look into how effective a playable ad is at guiding a sub-set of potential new users through the playable experience.

Based on the interaction rates, CrossInstall adjusted the layout to level-up the scale and performance of Playgendary’s campaigns. (See chart below for interaction rates)

1st interaction rate                                52.7%
1st to 2nd interaction rate                    96.7%
2nd to 3rd interaction rate                   88.9%
1st to 3rd interaction rate                    85.9%
View to CTA                                          63.3%
CTA to Appstore                                    30.5%
View to Appstore Rate                           9.3%

Creative Optimization

Player / Opponent Damage

Initially launched: Testing damage between 10 - 50 Health Points (HP)

Optimized: More damage elicit better conversion metrics

Damage in the 10 - 40 range produced CVRs between 1 - 2%

Damage within the 40 - 50 range produced CVRs closer to the 5 - 7% range


 Performers: Player Avatars

Top Performers: Opponent Avatars

Player / Opponent Avatar

Through testing and analysis of dynamic variables within the playable, CrossInstall was able to identify the player and opponent characters with the strongest conversion rates and interaction metrics. 

Once the creative was fully optimized (meaning all dynamic parameter features had a selected winner), the bidder became most efficient at driving conversions for Bowmasters. The scale was unimaginable and one of the fastest Crossinstall has ever worked with a client to achieve. 


Multi-Platform Creative Solution

After finding substantial success with the programmatic traffic acquired via the CrossInstall bidder, Playgendary wondered whether the creatives could garner the same results across other platforms. Playgendary has always been on the cutting edge of new advertising technologies, thus, they were excited to participate as one of the first Beta partners utilizing CrossInstall PrePlay ads within their Google Universal App campaigns. From experience, CrossInstall knows that each network and its algorithms are unique, and a different version of the playable could work best within Adwords. 

Within the first two months of launching CrossInstall RTB (real time bidding) campaigns, the ad had tested 16 different parameters (resulting in over 100,000 different unique combinations of variables served). The conclusion of these tests on the DSP campaigns locked in an optimal ad with the best CVR (conversion rate). To discover which combination of parameters would have the strongest performance with Google, CrossInstall tested over twenty different versions of the Bowmasters ad and concluded that refreshing the playable ads in UAC was an optimal way to continue garnering impressions against that asset type. 



The Results

After Playgendary’s success through CrossInstall’s DSP, they were able to extend the reach of the playable. As the company was already allocating dollars to text, video and image ads, it was a natural fit to implement CrossInstall’s playables on Google UAC. Based on recommendations from their trusted account manager, Playgendary was able to achieve impressive scale for their campaigns. 



Campaign highlights include:

  • Half a million conversions amassed for Bowmasters on UAC to date.
  • Conversion rate from impression to install is 1.88% for the landscape version of the CI playable and 1.2% for the portrait version of CI playable, whereas video is 0.6%.
  • Clickthrough rate of 25% and 18% for landscape and portrait interactive ads compared to respective .95% and 5% for videos.
  • CrossInstall playable installs made up approximately 40% of Bowmasters’ total UAC installs in Q1 2018.