API for Device Feedback

You may post IDFA and Android Advertising IDs to us to:

  • seed our targeting technology with the profile of user you wish to acquire
  • provide a feedback loop on your campaigns to continuously improve our targeting

You can optionally specify more than one class of quality users via the "group_name" parameter to support several different targeting profiles for your campaigns.

Device Feedback URL:



email (REQUIRED) - Your CrossInstall account email address.

api_key (REQUIRED) - Your CrossInstall API key. You can find your API key here.

device_id (REQUIRED) - The device id of your quality user. IDFA for an iOS device, Android Advertising ID for an Android device.

app_id (REQUIRED) - The App Store App ID of the application where this is a quality user (e.g. on iOS: 553834731     on Android: com.king.candycrushsaga).

group_name (OPTIONAL) - Use this parameter if you would like to report several different sets of users on an application. For example, you may want to specify group names like "highly_viral", "inapp_spenders", "tutorial_completers" or "level100". This will allow us to create several different targeting profiles for the campaigns you are running.

userdata (OPTIONAL) - If you are running a personalized retargeting campaign with us then you can include a JSON encoded string containing this device's user-specific context information (like username, avatar image URL, etc). Example: {"username":"MrGreen","level":32,"last_played_ts":1406132906,"avatar_url":"http://legacy-cdn.smosh.com/smosh-pit/062010/angrybaby-15.jpg"}

format (OPTIONAL) - You may specify the API's response format as either JSON or XML. Defaults to JSON.




success - true or false, to indicate if the API request was successful

error - If there is an error with your API request then this field will be present and contain a string describing the error

ts - Timestamp of the API request