Click Urls

CrossInstall publishing partners are provided with click URLs that look like this:


Here is a full description of the parameters and what you can include:


ad (REQUIRED) - This value is unique to this campaign on your account. You will keep the value provided to you as-is.

sub (OPTIONAL) - You may place any value you'd like here. We will pass this value back to you when we report conversion events via a server-to-server URL you provide your account manager. You will remove the word "TEST" and dynamically substitute your own tracking value. There is no length limit imposed by CrossInstall.

sub2 - sub10 (OPTIONAL) - You may include more than one sub value for CrossInstall to pass back to you at conversion time. There are sub parameters sub2 through sub10 available for your use.

publisher (OPTIONAL) - You may pass in a publisher identifier in order to tell us the origin of this click. This can be any string value that uniquely identifiers the publisher in your network that served this click.

mac (OPTIONAL *) - The mobile device's MAC Address.

md5_mac (OPTIONAL *) - The MD5 hash of the mobile device's MAC Address.

sha1_mac (OPTIONAL *) -  The SHA1 hash of the mobile device's MAC Address.

idfa (OPTIONAL *) - The Apple Advertising ID (also known as IDFA).

android_ad_id (OPTIONAL *) - The mobile device's Android Advertising ID.

android_id (OPTIONAL *) - The mobile device's Android ID (the IMEI or MEID number).

* While optional, there are some campaigns where this parameter will be required. Either your account manager will let you know or the requirement will be listed in your XML/JSON feed.