Post-Install Event Tracking

You may send us post-install events to track on your campaign. Examples are:

  • Users that complete your tutorial
  • Users that make an in-app purchase



click_id (REQUIRED) - This is the "sub" value we passed you on the user's click.

event (REQUIRED) - A name to assign to this post-install event (such as "purchaser", "tutorial_completer", etc).

value (OPTIONAL) - An optional numerical value you can pass for this post-install event (such as an in-app purchase amount).



The CrossInstall servers will respond with a JSON string containing some of the following fields:

success - true or false, depending on the validity of the request. If you failed to provide required parameters to the conversion URL or supplied invalid values then success will be false. There will be an error field explaining the issue.

error - This field will be present if success is false. It will explain the reason for the request's failure.

match - true or false to indicate if CrossInstall matched this event to a user that came in via your CrossInstall campaign.

info - This field will be present if success is true. It will contain a string describing the results of the post-install event URL request.