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Love Coffee, Numbers, and Some Good Music?


Are you a coffee connoisseur or a lover of good (or should we say bad) snacks? Ad tech might be the industry for you. Our latest interviewee entered the industry in just this way! Meet, Leo, our resident EDM music and coffee expert and Senior Ad Ops Analyst who shares his best tips for collaboration and data-driven ads. 

CI: How did you get started in ad tech?

Leo: A friend in the industry told me that his company offered Poptarts as an office snack, and I was hooked.

CI: What attracts you to working with data and numbers? 

Leo: My favorite part about working with datasets and numbers is simply that numbers don’t lie; Numbers are impartial and it’s up to the user to understand and interpret the data.

CI: What is your best advice for someone considering an Analyst role? 


Leo: As an analyst, there’s no clear cut right or wrong answer. Sometimes the numbers can be overwhelming when there’s a lot of data coming in all at once. But once you slow down and take a closer look, you’ll see that everything has its own story, a problem, and any number of possible solutions.

CI: In your role, you need to be very collaborative with the Account Management team. Do you have any tips for good communication and collaborative work?

Leo: Open communication. I work very closely with my account managers. We’ll talk with 10 minute daily meetings to hour long weekly meetings just to understand where we’re at with our campaigns. Sitting in client calls and meetings has also proven to be beneficial as it allows me to understand more about how the clients feel about our performance compared to competitors.

CI: What do you think is important for advertisers to understand about the ad optimization and campaign performance processes?

Leo: Advertisers should understand that everything is a process. It takes a little bit of time for us to get a campaign ramped up and fully functional before we can even tend to their expectations and goals. Like any good cookie, half baked data will only yield half baked results. 

CI: It is said you are a big electronic music and festival lover, who is your favorite artist or DJ to listen to while you work? 

Leo: It varies a lot depending on how much work I have on my plate. The music needs to be easy to listen to and not too distracting. An office favorite of mine is LIONE or Ikson.

CI: You are also known as the office coffee connoisseur as one of the few people that knows how to use all three coffee makers, how did you become so skilled?

Leo: I actually first started using Chemex at CrossInstall. I’ve always been a big coffee drinker so I already knew preferences beforehand. The rest came from trial and error with the Chemex and machines in order to produce the best flavors.

CI: And, for the final question. The people at CrossInstall in one word.

Leo: Tenacious 

You can work with Leo! We are hiring for a number of roles internationally, including an Ad Ops Analyst.