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Mobile View-Through Attribution: A Real Life Example of Enabling Success

View-through attribution, or VTA for short, enables mobile advertisers to track impressions as well as clicks, and attribute installs to specific impressions. Here we’ll present a real world example of how enabling mobile VTA can be advantageous to scale campaigns, while dispelling a few commonly held misconceptions about VTA.

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The Tales of Attribution Theft

This cartoon showcases the analogous concept of retail commission and ad tech attribution fraud. Attribution fraud can be especially pleasing for fraudsters and frustrating for victims. One more download or sale attributed to the winner, while swiping those from the losing competitors! Overall, it’s a dangerous game for the ad industry. Learn more!

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CEO Guest Post: Interactive Ads - How to Solve the Mobile Attribution Problem

The mobile gaming industry is considered to be at the forefront of performance marketing. Gaming marketers have developed sophisticated methods for tracking the lifetime value of every paid user they’ve acquired. As emerging ad formats such as playable ads become more common, it becomes necessary to reconsider how attribution methods can evolve as the industry does.

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