Case Study: Jam City

See how Jam City achieved their LTV and revenue goals, with the help of CrossInstall, in this customer success story



Case study : jam city

With the addition of CrossInstall, Jam City sees double digit increases in both LTVs and revenue.



The Challenge

As the fastest growing mobile games studio in the west, Jam City has produced hit titles such as Cookie Jam, Juice Jam, Book of Life: Sugar Smash and Panda Pop. To date, well over 700 million Jam City games have been installed on leading mobile and social platforms, making Jam City one of the largest cross-platform gaming companies in the world. After trying a few other Demand-Side platforms (DSPs)/playable shops, Jam City found others vendors were having difficulty driving the type of scale that met their expectations. As a forward-thinking company, Jam City is always seeking new ways to find and engage high quality users at scale and was looking for a partner to deliver performance and scale for their major titles.



The Solution

Jam City was drawn to CrossInstall’s ability to create playable mobile ads as well as the power to serve them at scale programmatically. CrossInstall’s high quality, feature rich, and holistic approach to mobile ads were the perfect way to take Jam City’s games to the next level. CrossInstall introduced playables to Jam City as a way to expand reach and performance of its mobile titles. Through tracking of interaction rates and A/B testing variables,  CrossInstall dynamically served different variables to users to deliver higher conversion points for Jam City’s range of titles.



The Results

With the addition of CrossInstall, Jam City experienced double digit increases in both LTVs and revenue for Panda  Pop. Jam City and CrossInstall’s success with Panda Pop has allowed the relationship to grow to many titles including, Juice Jam, Cookie Jam and Genies & Gems. As the performance and scale continues to increase, the two will develop new ways to make playables and CrossInstall’s programmatic bidding the premier platform  for casual games.



Campaign highlights include:

  • Double digit increases in both LTVs and revenue
  • ARPU was 158% higher than the average for other partners, with significant install volumes
  • Day one retention rate of 67% - one of the highest for Jam City