Case Study: Pixel Federation

Case study: CrossInstall provided compelling, visually aesthetic Playable creative for Seaport. Learn more about this helped reach and retain customers with a high lifetime value.


Case study :
Pixel Federation

Pixel Federation Sees Lift in ROI on Facebook Leveraging CrossInstall Playables


The Challenge:

Pixel Federation is a mobile gaming company that spreads fun and entertainment to people all around the world through their mobile games. Their current portfolio of games consists of TrainStation, Emporea, Diggy’s Adventure and the newly released game, Seaport.

Pixel Federation was looking to uncover new player opportunities for their mobile app-based game, Seaport. To do this, the team decided to utilize CrossInstall’s Playable ads to participate in Facebook’s Playable ad beta. Playable ads allow potential users to play the game in the ad, prior to downloading the app. By allowing users to play the game directly in the ad, those that download and install the game will have a better experience and become long-term users helping to drive ROI over time.

Pixel Federation had the following goals for Seaport with Playable ads:

  • Acquire more paying players with longer-term retention in Tier 1 countries

  • Optimize user experience

  • Increase return on investment 


The Solution:

CrossInstall provided compelling, visually aesthetic Playable creative for Seaport. By running this creative on various networks, we found out that faster ship times and the most challenging version were the optimal choices to engage users.

Through the use of CrossInstall’s Playables and Adquant by Kenshoo, a cutting-edge mobile app marketing solution, Pixel Federation was able to reach and retain customers with a high lifetime value.


The Results:

Exclusive access to the Facebook beta yielded outstanding results for Pixel Federation. With the help of CrossInstall’s Playables, Pixel Federation saw fantastic lift where they had hoped – ROI, and player retention. For the Android campaign, Pixel Federation saw a 13% increase in ROI, and a 3% increase in ROI for their iOS campaign. The team also saw up to 10% better retention in Tier 1 countries, which was an initial goal for their Seaport campaigns.

Campaign Highlights Include:

  • 13% Increase ROI for Android campaigns

  • 3% Increase ROI for iOS campaigns

  • 10% Increase in player retention in Tier 1 countries